Managers Round Table

Join our Small Group Masterminds in a guided discussion to learn how others are implementing the changes you want to see in your own business.

Code of Conduct

Managers Round Table / Code of Conduct

Small Group Rules

  1. A Small-Group Facilitator is in charge during the meeting time to help facilitate the discussion, and make sure all talking points are covered, etc.
  2. All members must demonstrate accountability by arriving on time, being prepared, and staying the duration of the meeting.
  3. Small-Group Members must be in a quiet place with Strong internet connection and webcam.  They are not to be driving, working out, taking calls, etc.. during their Small Group Meetings.  We want your undivided attention during your meetings, to ensure you get everything out of the meetings.
  4. Small-Group Members are not allowed to miss more than two meetings in a row.  If you miss more than two meetings in a row, you will be given a written warning before being removed from the group.
  5. Proper protocol must be followed at all times. (No insults, rudeness, etc)
  6. Small-Group Members must stay in a group for a minimum of 6 months.  At the 6 month mark, members will be rotated into different groups with a different Facilitator.
  7. The discussion involves everyone. To make this work, everyone needs to participate as a listener and as a speaker. It should be understood that when one person is monopolizing the discussion, the facilitator will step in to get others to speak.
  8. Respect Everyone’s Privacy.  Being part of your group requires mutual trust.  What is shared in the group should stay within the group.  Violating this rule will result in removal from the groups.

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