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Expert Application

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More Information

The goal of the Subject Matter Expert is to educate property managers on topics that are not necessarily property management but related to operating a property management business. As Subject Matter Experts, we are looking for you to be able to:

  • Create engaging and educational videos on topics related to running a property management business.
  • Be available for monthly office hours to answer any follow-up questions for an agreed on period of time.

Subject Matter Expert Application

Please take a few minutes to fill out the application below. After you submit your application, we will need you to submit the following items as soon as possible via email to

  • 90-second video introducing yourself and your subject
  • One-page document that can be used as a lead magnet

Applications will be reviewed on a weekly basis and need to be complete with the video and lead magnet in order to be considered. If chosen, we will need a headshot of you for the website (minimum 600 x 481 pixels).

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