Managers Round Table

Join our Small Group Masterminds in a guided discussion to learn how others are implementing the changes you want to see in your own business.

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Managers Round Table / Small Group Form Page

    Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions to best place you into a small group.

    1. Please provide us with your contact information

    **Which mode of communication is best. Phone or email?


    Which organizations are you a member of, if any?


    3.What is your role at the company?

    *Select all that apply
    Broker/OwnerOwner but not brokerBroker but not ownerOffice ManagerProperty ManagerAssistant

    4. How many years of property management experience do you have in the industry?

    Less than 2 years3-5 years6-10 years11+ years

    5. What is your total number of doors managed?

    Approximately Percentage breakdown of your total number:

    6. What is your total number of employees?

    7. Does your company actively engage in listing and selling real estate?


    a. If yes, how many transactions did you or your team close in 2019?

    8. If a member from your company joins in the Round Table Small Group, would you want to be:

    a. In the same groupb. Different group

    9. Please list your preference for Small Group Leader. Please note there is no guarantee of placement with that specific Leader.

    Write in your first and second choice. Meetings are the second and fourth weeks of the month (Paul: Tuesday 10:00am CST, Sarah: Tuesday 1:30pm CST, Scott: Wed 1:00pm CST, Deb: Thursday 11:30am CST, Nora: Friday 11:00am CST):